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Andrew’s Legacy dabbles in wine making

Andrew’s Legacy is participating in Sannino’s Bella Vita Vineyard custom winemaking program.   We have joined with Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast and Harbor Knoll Bed and Breakfast to create or own wines with the help of the Snninos, Anthony and Lisa.

On Sat. morning, Oct. 9, 2010, my good friend Marilyn Marks and I went to the Sannino’s to help pick the grapes for the first crush of our wine. Marilyn owns Shorecrest Bed & Breakfast. We were assigned a row and taught how to pick the grapes. We also learned a great deal about winemaking and grape growing from the Sanninos who are gracious hosts, as well as knowledgeable and patient teachers.

After our row was picked clean we joined the Harvest fest luncheon under the large tent in their yard. Lisa hosted an incredible luncheon, including pulled pork, chicken ptarmigan, ziti, clam chowder, roasted corn, and homemade pizza and many other tasty treats. After lunch, the grapes were sent to Ackerly Pond Vineyards to be crushed, the beginning of the many steps it will go through on it’s way to becoming wine.

Membership to Sannino’s Bella Vita custom winemaking is open to everyone, and I encourage anyone who has an interest in how wine is processed and made to join. It’s fun, informative, you become an active participant in the process, and in the end you have your own wine with your own label that you actually had some input into helping to create. I’m looking forward to trying our first bottle.


Marilyn even invited some of here guests to come with us and pick the grapes and enjoy the terrific harvest luncheon.


The row to the left was ours.


Marilyn demonstrates great grape picking technique.



The fruits of our labor. dsc_0047.jpg

Ripe and ready for the picking.



And this is how I do it.



Somehow I manage to make this look difficult.



And yes, I am a goofball.





And after all the picking was done, we enjoyed an incredible meal at the harvest luncheon.





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