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Autumn beauty continues into November

The past few weekends I have been taking some walks and short rides around Andrew’s Legacy to take in the Autumn beauty. Crisp clean air and clear autumnal colors are everywhere. Guests have been enjoying walks to the wineries, or just walking around the vineyards and down the country roads.bridge-lane-fall.jpg
The wooden bridge that goes over the train tracks is the first road west of Andrew’s legacy.
This is the view from the wooden bridge.
Fall colors in the background compliment the green that is still on the vines in this photo take by Rory MacNish
A cornfield down the road surrounded by maple trees that are now a vibrant gold.
Canadian geese take a migratory break on Lake Maratoka in Mattituck.
A country road lined with fall color.
An irrigation ditch in the field. Photo by Rory MacNish
The sun sets on a beautiful Fall day in New Suffolk.

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Fall Harvest Fun

Halloween is over, but there are still pumpkins on the vine and the harvest holiday season is leading up to it’s Thanksgiving finale. There are pumpkins being picked as are a vast variety of fall produce such as an assortment of many different types of gourds and squashes, as well as broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts not to mention many other seasonal vegetables.

Recently some friends of mine and I went to Krupski’s Farm stand, one of many within walking distance from Andrew’s Legacy. They feature hayrides, haunted corn mazes, and a variety of fun fall diversions, but mostly we went for the incredible selection of pumpkins, gourds and squashes which many of us use to decorate with. We spray them with laquer or varnish if we want them to last the season The sprays with matte finishes lend a more realistic appearance. 

The grape harvest is in full swing at the vineyards, and there is still a lot going on at the farm stands in the month of November. And it’s all within walking distance of Andrew’s Legacy…




 A table full of “Tiny Toms” gourds that resemble small pumpkins. A great way to bring a little fall cheer to spaces that are too small for a traditional pumpkin.


Cheese pumpkins have a subtler color and a more exaggerated  shape, seen in illustrations of traditional children’s stories or fairy tales.



A table full of some larger sized gourds.



 And a trough filled with some smaller ones.





 The excitement of finding exactly the right one…



One of the many fun cut-outs at the farm stand.




Visitors enjoy a hayride through the fields.



An Andrew’s Legacy dinning room centerpiece with Tiny Tom’s embellished with glass glitter.


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