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Strawberry time on the North Fork!

We get excited about strawberry season on the North Fork, so much so we have a festival and we’ve been having it for 57 years! Strawberries are on the farm stands and although you can now get fresh strawberries year ’round in the supermarket, they don’t really hold a candle to the local ones grown on the east end. Most are smaller, but their flavor is more intense and they tend to be sweeter. Many old North Fork families (including the MacNish’s) have a tradition of having strawberry shortcake for dinner once a year in June. We’ve already put up a few batches of strawberry jam, strawberry syrup and strawberry rhubarb jam and have been serving fresh strawberry crepes to the guests for a few weeks now. So come on out next weekend for the strawberry festival (for more information go to: ) and if you can’t make it out for the festival you have the rest of the month of June (and possibly into early July, depending on the weather) to enjoy fresh local strawberries! Here are a few local pictures taken by Rory MacNish.


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