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This summer the North Fork has gone Sunflower crazy! They have been everywhere, including Andrew’s Legacy. Nothing brightens up your day like a sunflower. They embody the country charm that is the North Fork. Although we are reaching the tail end of their season, there are still plenty to be found. They are cut and available for sale on almost every farm stand and fields of them dot the landscape. dsc_0009.jpg

Sunflowers almost as far as the eye can see up Bridge Lane behind the B&B.


A Bee enjoys a Teddy Bear sunflower in the garden at the B&B.


Rows of Sunflowers in the field behind the B&B ready to pick for Farmer Mikes Stand.


The Hybrid Icarus in the garden.


A bi-color hybrid in the garden.


A Mahogany sunflower backlit by the setting sun in the garden.


 A quick and easy arrangement in an old pewter pitcher.


Thanks to the birds who love their seeds, every year there are sunflowers that are self-sown in the garden, like this one.


Bees love sunflowers so much it’s hard to get a picture of one without them on it.


And finally, talk of Sunflowers on the North Fork would not be complete without Pindars sunflower field. Every summer they have a charitable event involving the Sunflowers. See their website for more information. (Picture by Rory MacNish)


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