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Flowers, Dried and Fresh Keep a Country Christmas theme at Andrew’s Legacy

In keeping with our North Fork Country Christmas theme, holiday decorations emphasize the use of flowers, dried and fresh. For the growing season we keep the B&B supplied in fresh flowers from the cutting garden in the back yard and also use whatever is offered at local farm stands. During this period we always hang a few hydrangeas and other flowers that dry well in the rafters of the shop to get us through the winter. Then there are plenty of dried flowers for decorating at the holidays. We use juniper, cedar, hydrangea, baby’s breath, poppies, yarrow and a few others that we grow, and purchase some exotics like pomegranates, pepper berries, lotus pods and canella berries for Christmas color. We create table arrangements, door swags and garlands with the dried flowers. And if it’s not the color we want we don’t have a problem using spray paint. Fat poppy pods spray painted gold look like Christmas balls, and lotus pods with glitter add pizzazz. We force narcissus and amaryllis in the greenhouse and purchase poinsettias at local nurseries to bring in more color and life. For parties and special occasions we add fresh cut flowers to the dried arrangements to give them a little punch.




Every year a garland of dried flowers go down the bannister. This year it’s lemon leaf, hydrangea, dyed canella berries, pomegranents and glittered lotus pods.



A fresh arrangement of Casa Blanca lilies, varigated holly, cannella berries and glittered feathers.


Poinsettias, narcissus and other house plants surround the currently unused “Petite Godin” a French Parlor Stove in the living room.




A dried flower sway over 6 feet long. The center is a paper mache gold painted head of a cherub, with okra pods, dyed cedar, eucalyptus, pomegranents, pepper berries and poppy pods. It is over the entry from the living room to the dinning room.



Amarylis are traditionally forced and used as plants for the holidays, but they make a terrific and long lasting cut flower as well.



The Christmas dinning room, set with Elizabeth’s collection of Ruby Glass around an elaborate Victorian silverplated fruit epergne filled with an arrangement of dried flowers.







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