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Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Decoration from Andrew’s Legacy

Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive holiday decoration you can make with very little trouble at all. We start with a vintage Lefton ceramic holly sleigh that we originally purchased in the early ‘60’s.  These sleighs must have been made in great numbers since a quick search on eBay using the terms “Lefton sleigh” yielded over 90 results. And the pricing was reasonable, dishes of this type are going from between $15.00 and $30.00. If you don’t already have this dish, timing would prohibit you from getting it for this Christmas (but put your bid in anyway, it’s attractive, versatile and ornamental dish, and can be used for many things from serving food to putting out candy as well as holding foliage and flowers- then you’ll have it for next year.) So any bowl of vase that holds water will do gold or silver is ideal, but festive colors such as green red or white work too. Start with a block of Oasis (a Styrofoam material that absorbs water, used in floral arranging and crafts, available in craft shops) cut to size and placed in the container, fill a few times with water until it is fully absorbed. A flower frog can be used instead of Oasis, (a flower frog is a weighted devise with holes or pins also used in floral arrangements) but Oasis allows you to do more with the arrangement. Our arrangement includes holly, variegated holly and cannella berries painted red. The holly was cut from a bush in our front yard. You can use any type of evergreen plant, from trees to bushes. If you don’t have any available, holly, boxwood, pine branches and many other cut evergreens are sold at florists, nurseries and roadside stands at this time of year. Fresh or dried berries can be found as well. Pepper berries and cannella berries can be found at craft stores that sell dried flowers. Rose hips work well too, but be careful of the thorns.