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Happy Holidays from Andrew’s Legacy

It’s been fun blogging about our holiday traditions and what it’s like to spend Christmas on the North Fork of Long Island. All of our halls are decked, and I am including a picture of our dining room with the table set with Elizabeth’s collection of Ruby Glass and glass beaded garland draping the curtains and surrounding the light. We’re ready for Christmas dinner. Every year we try to have a different type of fowl, Turkey, Cornish hens, goose, maybe this year it will be Long Island Duckling with a tangerine glaze! But our chickens are safe since they are only for laying eggs. I included one of my favorite pictures of them, exploring the wonders of the holidays. The outside of the house is decorated and Santa is holding court amongst grandmother’s silver plated tea set.

We still have openings for the week between Christmas and New Years’s, which is a great time to unwind from the stress of the holidays while keeping in the holiday spirit going a little longer. Looking forward to seeing you soon and Happy Holidays, from the Macnish’s at Andrew’s Legacy Bed and Breakfast.


Santa holding court over grandmother’s silver-plated tea set. Santa is an Old World Christmas tree topper in a candlestick holder.


The halls are decked! The dinning room at Andrew’s Legacy, set for breakfast, or for Christmas dinner.  Wired green glass beads engulf the center light and red ones festoon the curtain tops. The feather tree is in the window and Elizabeth’s collection of ruby glass awaits the next meal.


Entitled “The Wonder or Christmas,”Brown leghorn hens examine a wreath our friends the Milfords made for us. They appear to be fascinated by the wreath, but are more than likely just figuring how to peck those bright red berries off.


And finally the outside of the house is decorated for the season, wishing everyone a happy and joyous holiday.

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