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Garden Tour Season Peaks on North Fork


Every year there seems to be more and more garden tours on the North Fork. The rich fertile soil that nourishes the produce on the farm stands and the grapes in the vineyards also enriches the many varieties of plants that create the beautiful lush gardens that dot the North Fork. If you have ever tried to garden anywhere else you can appreciate how good the soil is here. Dark, loamy, filled with nutrients, it sometimes seems that you just have to plant the seeds and stand back. But that’s not to say east end gardeners don’t have to know their stuff. Like what kind of light a plant needs, what PH the soil should be, when to plant, what kind of diseases the plant might be susceptible to, and many other details must be considered. One tour that goes back a long time is the garden tour which benefits the Cutchogue/ New Suffolk historical society that is being held this Saturday, June 30 from 10:00 am- 3:00pm starting at the village green. Tickets are $25 and for me, it has always been well worth the price of admission. Here are a few pictures of the tour from previous years.


The dramatic view from the balcony of the gardens at Connie Cross’s Environmentals.


Lambs Ear edging at Milford Gardens.


Hosta and containers at Connie Cross Environmentals.


Coral bells nestle beneath a tree in the garden at the Cutchogue library.


Although we are not on any garden tour this year, I thought I would show ¬†you some pictures of the gardens at Andrew’s Legacy. Here is the rainbow perennial garden at the front of the house.


Here is a shot of the deep shade garden that guests get to enjoy from the wicker furniture on the wrap around porch.


Two Adirondack chairs on the entry deck surround a large strawberry jar filled with fancy leaved geraniums, a Cordyline and Euphorbia “Diamond Frost.”


A terracotta urn is filled with fancy leaved geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Coleus and Euphorbia.


The setting sun is blurred by the misting irrigation head over the cutting garden.

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