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Winter Doldrums Cured with Live on the Vine

The third week of  ‘Live on the Vine,” formerly called Jazz on the Vine will be lively enough to bring you out of your winter doldrums. Venture out for a weekend of fun, wine and music.

To further help alleviate cabin fever, we are offering one night, any room for $190. This includes our breakfast and winery discount card. Our two night special package for $395 which includes a $50 gift certificate to Touch of Venice, one of our favorite restaurants, right down the road and of course the winery discount card. And although Live on the Vine ends on March 16, our special goes on through the end of March.

To help you decide where to go this weekend we are listing the schedule of events and showing a sample YouTube video of the performers, and links to their websites,if they are available.

General admission tickets can be bought at the show venue in advance or on the day of show. Hopper tickets, which are limited in supply, can be bought in advance at certain venues and are also available on line at


The view of Bedell Cellars Winery from the backyard of Andrew’s Legacy Bed and Breakfast


Saturday, February 22, 2014



Time: 1-3

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Nicky Schrire


Jason’s Vineyard

Time: 1-3

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Nina Et cetera 


Sherwood House

Time: 2:30- 4:30

Genre: Blues

Artist: Jack’s Waterfall


Coffee Pot Cellars 

Time: 4-6

Genre: Rock

Artist: Rorie Kelly



A Lure

Time: 5-8

Genre: Rock/Blues

Artist: Divello and Anderson

No video or website available



Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Riverhead Project Restaruant

Time: 1-3

Genre: Acoustic

Artist: Earthtones



Bedell Cellars 

Time: 1:30-3:30

Genre: Blue Grass

Artist: Buddy Merriam’s Back Roads Trio 



Time: 1:30-3:30

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Gabriele Tranchina Ensemble


Palmer Vineyards

Time: 1:30-3:30

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Brian Lenair



Sparkling Pointe   

Time: 3-5

Genre: Jazz

Artist:Nightingale Jazz band



Pellegrini Vinyards 

Time: 3-5

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Scogeojam


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