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Spring comes to the Andrew’s Legacy Greenhouse

There is nothing better than spring in the greenhouse at Andrew’s Legacy. Spring is exploding all over the North Fork and it all started in our greenhouse last month. Every plant seemed to know it was spring. Not only did the flowering plants bloom, but new color came into the leaves that those that didn’t.

And what better way to start a spring blogging blitz! Starting with this blog we will be periodically posting blogs about gardening, just like we have done in the past. Hope you enjoy them!


A miniature variegated Bromeliad, flushed with color from the spring light.


An Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg. The greyish purple leaves have gotten a  pink edge.


Euphorbia diamond frost overwintered great and has tons of blooms.


 A zonal geranium has started to blooms as well.


The double Apricot Hibiscus that I have been overwintering for 20 years is blooming again.


This week the tomato seedlings have emerged.


Echerveria “Kiwi” looks amazing in the spring and pretty plain the rest of the year.


A cluster of succulents


Several different types of fancy leaved geraniums blush with color.

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