Saturday, 28 of March of 2015

Christmas Tree Traditions at Andrew’s Legacy

The North Fork of Long Island is THE place for cutting your live Christmas trees. One of the ways we know this is because in early December, every other car on the road has a Christmas tree on the roof! There are so many great places to cut your tree, but we like the Dart’s Christmas Tree Farm. Our families go way back so fond memories of Christmas past make us partial to this farm. And what better way to create your own fond Christmas memories than to stay at Andrew’s Legacy and finish the weekend with a trip to a Christmas tree farm?

And while you’re at Andrew’s Legacy you can see our tree. As mentioned in our last blog posting, we go to a lot of trouble creating Victorian inspired ornaments for our tree. We also have been collecting hand blown and painted Old World Christmas ornaments. These ornaments are created by blowing glass into original German molds over 100 years old. We also use ornaments from Christopher Radko’s Victorian line, glass beads, Angel hair and real clip-on candles (we don’t light them though.) Our goal is to create a tree that captures the character of a tree that would have been in the house almost a century ago.

In the dinning room we have a goose feather tree that’s about three feet tall. These were the first “artificial” trees and were used in areas were real trees weren’t available or were too costly.

So come out to the North Fork and get a tree, celebrate Christmas this year the way it used to be.

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