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Life on the Front Porch.

Over the years the popularity of a having a front porch, or any porch at all has risen and fallen in the United States. 100 years ago, few houses were built without them. This was for a lot of reasons. One of them being the lack of air conditioning necessitated a “civilized” outdoor area to cool off, out of doors and out of the sun, but still close enough to the comforts of home. Many wrap-around porches ended at a door to the dining room with an area large enough to hold the table, making it easy for the meal to move from the dining room to the porch. The porch was also a transitional area, a half-way point between the outdoors and the indoors. Umbrellas could be closed without getting your head wet or splashing water around the foyer. Strangers could be met in relative comfort, while putting the homeowner at ease. Passers-by could be greeted, or you could just sit and read a good book or take a nap. The decline of the porch started in the 30s and the porch all but disappeared by the late 50s. Porches were so unpopular that many of them were removed in the 60s. The fact that porches can be difficult and costly to maintain because of their exposure to the environment is often cited as the reason for their removal. The Macnish’s at Andrew’s Legacy were no exception to that trend, the front porch of the house was removed in the late 60s and the faced was altered to the then popular colonial revival look. But our front porch experiences a revival as well, and when we were doing the renovation for the Bed and Breakfast we decided to put the porch back on. Following the original blueprints of the house and old pictures, the porch was restored to its original specifications, with a notable alteration, we decided to make it wrap around. And we are very glad we did restore it. Not only did it significantly alter the look of the house in a positive and dramatic way, but we found we love it as a great place to entertain, hang-out and relax. Guests love the porch, they can sit in the rockers at the front and watch the world go by while enjoy breakfast or coffee, relax in the wicker chairs on the side, or take a nap in the hammock on the other side. We have had great fun with friends who drop by for impromptu wine and cheese parties on the porch, and it was the hub of our ice cream social and garden tours. The relaxation and leisure of the porch also inspires romance as it’s a place where more than few marriage proposals have taken place. So come out to Andrew’s legacy and experience life on our porch.


Here is a compilation of an picture of the house in around 1930, showing the facade with the porch, just as it looked at that time. The second picture is a computer rendering of what the house would look like with a wrap around porch based on the same design. The third picture is a “during” shot of what the porch looked like during construction , and the final shot is what it looks like finished.


Here is a montage of the porch during construction.


Nothing says relax, like huge Boston ferns hanging on the porch in moss-lined wire baskets.


A guest enjoys a good book in the wicker furniture in the shade of the porch.


Guests rock and relax in the rockers on the porch.


The porch, all decked out for fourth of July.


The hammock, waiting for a good nap.


The porch, decorated for an ice cream social we held a few years ago.


Another area of the porch during the ice cream social.


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Spring comes to the Andrew’s Legacy Greenhouse

There is nothing better than spring in the greenhouse at Andrew’s Legacy. Spring is exploding all over the North Fork and it all started in our greenhouse last month. Every plant seemed to know it was spring. Not only did the flowering plants bloom, but new color came into the leaves that those that didn’t.

And what better way to start a spring blogging blitz! Starting with this blog we will be periodically posting blogs about gardening, just like we have done in the past. Hope you enjoy them!


A miniature variegated Bromeliad, flushed with color from the spring light.


An Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg. The greyish purple leaves have gotten a  pink edge.


Euphorbia diamond frost overwintered great and has tons of blooms.


 A zonal geranium has started to blooms as well.


The double Apricot Hibiscus that I have been overwintering for 20 years is blooming again.


This week the tomato seedlings have emerged.


Echerveria “Kiwi” looks amazing in the spring and pretty plain the rest of the year.


A cluster of succulents


Several different types of fancy leaved geraniums blush with color.

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Welcome Spring with an extended 7th week of ‘Live on the Vine’


It was so much fun they decided to extend it another week! Listening to great music and enjoying good wine seems like the best way to spend the first weekend of Spring.

And to take your experience from great to unforgettable we are continuing our LI Winterfest special.  We are offering one night, any room for $190. This includes our full breakfast and winery discount card. Our two night special package for $395 also includes a $50 gift certificate to Touch of Venice, one of our favorite restaurants, right down the road and of course the winery discount card and two breakfasts. And now we’ve decide to extend our special through April.

To help you decide where to go this weekend we are listing the schedule of events and showing a sample YouTube video of the performers, and links to their websites, if they are available.

General admission tickets can be bought at the show venue in advance or on the day of show. Hopper tickets, which are limited in supply, can be bought in advance at certain venues and are also available on line at

The festivities begin on Friday March 21 at Martha Clara Vineyards with jazz by “The Grove Jazz Collective,” starting at 7 p.m., or you can choose to go to Alure restaurant and listen to rock and blues by Divello and Anderson from 5 to 8 p.m.


Saturday, March 22, 2014



Time: 12-2

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Jared Gold 


Clovis Point 

Time: 2:30

Genre: Jazz

Artist:              Lucky Tones 

Click the link to go to their Facebook page where they have vidoes of their act.


Pellegrini Vineyards 

Time: 3-5

Genre: Jazz

Artist: Jack Morelli Trio 

Here are some of the trio members playing in the Jazz quartet.


A Lure 

Time: 6-9

Genre: Not specified

Artist: The Day’s Beneath Us

Video not available


Sunday, March 23, 2014


Bedell Cellars 

Time: 1:30

Genre: Blue Grass

Artist : Buddy Merriam’s Back Roads Trio


Pellegrini Vineyards 

Time: 3-5

Genre: Rock

Artist: Danny Kean & Friends 


A Lure 

Time: 4-7

Genre: Rock

Artist: George Tebbit

Shown in this video with the group Tuesday Afternoon performing vocals and guitar: 



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